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The MOFET Institute
Study Tours
March 2011 Tour
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About the study tour


Education systems worldwide are in the throes of an accelerated process of integrating computer technologies into teaching and education. We are witnesses to the transition from teaching tasks in which the teacher is the main source of knowledge to hi-tech, interactive, teaching-learning approaches in which the pupil is nourished by additional sources of knowledge.

Teacher education institutions are required to assume the role of change agents and leaders in the field. The change necessitates a different kind of preparation for future teachers as well as the relevant technological and pedagogical tools for teaching in a digital and hi-tech environment.

Israel, which has one of the highest per capita rates of start-up companies in the world, is famous for its far-reaching achievements in the field of information and communication technologies. The level of hi-tech and the technological advancement in this country spark a great deal of interest throughout the world, with many people seeking to learn how such achievements can be attained.

In Israel today, great efforts are being expended on integrating these technologies into the education system as well, since their importance for up-to-date teaching, for bridging social gaps, and for reducing the differences between the center of the country and the periphery is widely recognized. Processes related to the field are occurring on the level of the pupils, the teachers, the student teachers, the policy makers, and the curriculum developers.

What the study tour includes

The study tour will include an introduction to The MOFET Institute, visits to teacher education institutions and institutions of higher education, trips to schools in which communication-based programs and online teaching are implemented, and an encounter with the Israeli hi-tech industry.

The tour will include visits to historical sites in order to become acquainted with Israel.
The study tour will take place in Israel from March 27th - April 3rd, 2010.
For detailed information about the program, dates, cost, and mode of registration, please see the menu.

At the end of the tour, the participants will receive a certificate attesting to the fact that they completed the professional seminar successfully.
The certificate will list the topics of the study tour and the number of hours of professional studies.

Target population

The study tour caters to policy makers in the field of education, heads of faculties and lecturers in academic, educational, and teacher education institutions, and advisors and curriculum developers in the fields of education, teaching and ICT.


 March 2011 Study Tour